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Cowboy boots

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Some of my Cowboy boots


These Tony Lamas fit like a glove and are really hotboots!
They beg to be fondled and because the leather is thin as a soft glove I can feel each touch of a hand or tongue.

The moving boots
are just for fun.



To the RIGHT you see my black Justin boots.
They are sturdier than the soft Tony Lamas
and go well with my black Stetson. I got
them from a German who got them in the States.
These boots were made for wearing and it cost
him a tear to part with them. But he did not
have enough experience to know that the boots
get roomier when you break them in.
His misfortune was my luck! In a future up-date
I will have pics of both being worn.


Here on the left you see my Tony Lama Buckaroo boots. They have great high heels.

Olathe Boots

Below are my hot Tony Lama Pythons! Big scales from a belly cut.