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Motorcop Boots

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Above you see German motorcop Boots.
I got them in Hamburg.


Right are Hartt boots. They made these in brown for the Canadian Mounties. Many police departments in the States used them, now mostly in Massachussetts and other places in the north east. I got these with a complete Colorado motorcop uniform which somehow ended up in Germany.



Above the middle boots are from
the Swiss Motorcops. To their left
are USA Cavalry boots dyed black.
They have laced insteps and pass
as motorcop boots, don't they?

Left is a close-up of my Swiss motorcycle cop boots. Lower down you see them with a couple of other officer boots.
They are not particularly tall, but I like them for casual
occasions and for roughing it.

Below are Dehners with laced insteps and heavy Vibram sole.
They have seen lots of action and since this picture was taken the man-made material on the shafts deteriorated significantly. The condition of the lower part of the boots is so bad I am not going to have new shafts put on them. The previous owner neglected them disgracefully. They have been put out to pasture now.